The Impact of the Humans of Bombay Lawsuit on Social Media

Is it true that you are prepared for an intriguing fight in court that will stir up the universe of computerized narrating? We will enter a legendary clash between the Individuals of India and the People of Bombay over copyright. In this article, we will look at the enrapturing, Humans of Bombay Lawsuit in the road of the story.

We will begin with its modest starting points and close with the milestone Delhi High Court goal. Set yourself up for an in-the-background look. Also, find who figures out what occurs in the unique universe of web creation. How about we examine it, readers?

Humans of Bombay

First of all, let’s start by getting to know the Humans of Bombay (HOB). It is an Indian photoblog about people in Mumbai (previously known as Bombay). Karishma Mehta founded it in 2014. As a concept, it was inspired by Humans of New York(HoNY). Mehta and her team document the stories of individuals and showcase them to the world through social media posts and a website.

Here is the timeline of key events in the evolution of Humans of Bombay:

Jan 2014:  Karishma Mehta launches Humans of Bombay. She begins by touring Mumbai, conducting interviews, taking pictures of people, and posting their narratives on her website.

Apr 2014: The Humans of Bombay Facebook page has gained momentum. It was assumed that it had approximately 135 posts and nearly 40,000 followers.

Nov 2015: Interestingly, Humans of Bombay’s Facebook page has reached a milestone of 400,000 followers.

2015: HOB started running fundraising campaigns on their website. It is unbelievable that it has raised Rs. 6.5 lakh to support Kranti (an organization that assists the daughters of sex workers).

2015: This organization posted a story on Facebook opposing child marriage. The post reached over 60,000 likes within two days. Consequently, we have established a partnership with the child protection organization Aangan.

2015: A crowdfunding campaign for a child with blood cancer successfully raised Rs. 10.31 lakh within a few days.

2016: Karishma Mehta released the book “Humans of Bombay.” This book covers sensitive topics such as depression and domestic abuse.

2017:The Humans of Bombay fundraising campaign grew stronger. It was reported that they had raised Rs. 11 lakhs in four days. The purpose was to support the education of a sex worker’s daughter at New York University.

2018: The organization hired six full-time employees this year. Furthermore, it extended its reach beyond Mumbai. A new Instagram feed has been launched, featuring a collection of heartwarming stories.

September 2023: Humans of Bombay initiated a copyright infringement case against the People of India website.

Oct 2023: A Delhi High Court order prohibits Humans of Bombay and People of India websites from copyrighting each other’s content.

Humans of Bombay Lawsuit

Legal Dispute Between Humans of Bombay (HOB) and People of India (POI)

We have mentioned earlier that Humans of Bombay took legal action against the People of India (POI). Do you know why? Just because POI was using HOB’s content without their permission. The case reached a resolution when the Delhi High Court intervened. As a result, the court instructed both parties to refrain from using each other’s content.

Filed by Humans of Bombay, the lawsuit aimed to stop People of India from infringing on its copyrights. The bench of Justice Prabtibha M. Singh directed both parties to refrain from sharing each other’s original material, such as pictures and articles.

The court clarified, however, that sharing content on both platforms is not a copyright violation. Although ideas can be similar, their expression must be distinct for copyright protection. It is noteworthy that both parties agreed to certain terms during the proceedings.

Humans of Bombay Lawsuit

Humans of Bombay accused People of India of plagiarizing their storytelling style. However, the People of India alleged Humans of Bombay copied content from Humans of New York. However, this claim was met with counterarguments from the Indian public. Let us inform you that Brandon Stanton, the founder of Humans of New York, has also confirmed the allegations on Twitter.

In addition, the People of India argued that the similarity in content was not the result of plagiarism. It is because individuals shared their stories and images across multiple platforms. POI has also mentioned similar platforms such as Humans of Amsterdam, Humans of Bihar, and Humans of Jhansi.

So, what happened next? The people of Bombay reacted to POI’s charges. HOB emphasized the necessity of copyright protection for their special processes and methods. These methods included the manner they presented photos and conducted interviews. They further underlined that they were entitled to content protection because they were co-owners of the photos. As such, this was granted as long as their initial compilation was not duplicated.

Ultimately, the court observed that neither party was seeking damages from the other. They had also agreed not to repeat each other’s words. Hence, this mutual agreement led to the resolution of the legal dispute between both parties.

Karishma Mehta’s Social Media Stand

Now, let’s begin with some incredible news. The fight in court between the People of Bombay and Individuals of India came to a close. Afterward, Karishma Mehta, organizer of People of Bombay, used web-based entertainment to share her perspectives. Furthermore, she discovered that she had received threats. These threats included assault and passing dangers.

As of late, the People of Bombay (HOB) have filed a claim against Individuals of India (POI) in the Delhi High Court. They accuse the Individuals of duplicating various pictures and recordings from the Foundation of the People of Bombay. Individuals in India plan to attend a consultation on October 11 concerning the matter. Moreover, HOB analyzed Indian State leader Narendra Modi’s complimenting interview series in 2019. Not long before the public races, this analysis was highlighted.

Brandon Stanton’s Reaction

Brandon Stanton’s People of New York (HONY) has a following of over 20 million across various online platforms. The project is known for its generous initiatives, raising funds for different causes. Interestingly, Stanton’s task has motivated comparable stages universally. Lately, Stanton praised the People of Amsterdam initiative for being believable and having a duty to depict

Let us tell you some interesting news here. Stanton shared a post on Reddit. In his post, he condemned the People of Bombay for “suing individuals” for something that he had “excused” them for. The People of New York awakened the People of Bombay’s arrangement of describing.

Mehta Explained the Aim Behind the Claim

Karishma Mehta tended to the continuous case. She further explained that it wasn’t necessary to focus on motivation, despite significant impersonation. She has also included that substance from Individuals of Bombay that was recreated and posted on another creator’s page. Mehta discovered that they had seen the counterfeiting. They decided to reveal it to Meta. Consequently, this action led to the evacuation of 16 appropriate posts.

In addition, Mehta examined the public reaction following Brandon Stanton’s post. Sadly, she took note of the harassing and individual assaults. In addition, she observed passing and attack risks towards her gathering and family. In spite of the unforeseen attack, Mehta certified their obligation to narrate.

Humans of Bombay Lawsuit

Mehta’s Victory in Copyright Fight

Are you interested to know who has got the victory? It was reported that Karishma Mehta expressed gratitude for the Delhi High Court’s decision. This decision issued an enduring order against the People of India. They are now prevented from copying the scholarly works and innovative expressions of the Individuals of Bombay.

Apart from this, she emphasized that this milestone decision would establish a point of reference within the maker’s community. Mehta once again highlighted the importance of the ruling. She was impressed by the court’s arrangement since it established a benchmark for liberty. She further acknowledged that this legal victory would influence future actions in the maker’s community even after this case.

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Bottom Line

Ultimately, Karishma Mehta expressed her gratitude for the Delhi High Court’s decision in the Humans of Bombay lawsuit. She highlighted the importance of the court’s ruling in protecting artists rights. In addition, she believed that this victory would have a profound impact on the creator community.

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