Lola Tampons Lawsuit: The Impact of Lola’s Titanium Dioxide on Women’s Health

You must have heard the breaking news about the Lola Tampons lawsuit, if you have switched to Lola Tampons. Indeed, it is essential to remain informed about any potential issues with your period care products.

In this article, we will inform you about Lola Tampon‚Äôs claims and what it could mean for you. We will also cover how it affects your well-being, the company’s reaction, and a few choices you should consider. So, let’s get started.

What Is the Lola Tampons Lawsuit?

Let’s first take a look at Lola Tampon’s lawsuit. According to Top Class Actions, the Lola Organic Tampons Class Action Lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court in Southern New York. It was filed on 1 July 2021. Furthermore, Law360, reported that Lola’s 100% organic cotton tampons lack a protective coating to prevent them from shedding or unraveling.

Lola Tampons Lawsuit

In addition, some users claimed they had to seek medical attention to remove cotton pieces after using the tampons. It is stated that the Lola Tampons lawsuit is ongoing. You can check various websites for the latest news on the Lola Tampon Lawsuit. What else? You can get a free case review if the issues alleged in the lawsuit have affected you.

Now let us talk about alternatives to Lola Tampons. If you want alternative tampon brands, you can check for several options. Some popular organic tampon brands include Cora, Natracare, and Seventh Generation. When introducing a new product, a small pack is a good idea. This will in turn help you avoid any sensitivity or allergic reactions.

What Is the Eligibility for Compensation?

It is believed that those who have experienced the unraveling of Lola Tampons may qualify for compensation. Based on our thorough research, firms like Ben Crump Law are offering free, confidential case reviews for affected individuals.

Likewise, it is important to be aware of any potential health risks associated with using these products. If you experience discomfort or pain while using a Lola tampon, consult your doctor immediately. Similarly, seek medical treatment if you detect cotton fibers persisting within your body.

What Is Lola’s Response to the Lawsuit?

As of September 2021, Lola had not answered the complaint in public. The company further emphasized on its website that its tampons are made with 100% organic cotton. They further claimed that their tampons do not contain synthetic fibers, fragrances, chlorine bleach, chemical additives, or dyes. However, the lawsuit alleges that the lack of a protective coating can cause the cotton to break apart during use.

What was the Debate on Titanium Dioxide?

Now After knowing the basics of the case, let’s discuss the start of the story. This is a really interesting section for Lola Tampon users. We are all aware that videos can become viral in the age of modern technology. Likewise, a TikTok video is linked while searching for the Lola Tampon case on Google. It was assumed that Lola Tampons is one of the two organic tampon brands that the client in this video is suing.

Now what was the reason to complain against these organic tampons? A TikTok video falsely claimed that titanium dioxide (TiO2) is used in Lola Tampons. According to the plaintiff, it is responsible for miscarriages, cancer, and other medical problems. TiO2 is a naturally occurring mineral used in the thread of tampons. Furthermore, it represents less than 0.1% of all ingredients in the absorbent part.

Lola Tampons Lawsuit

  • Safety Assessment of Titanium Dioxide

TiO2 is mined and processed into a white compound commonly used in paints, food coloring, sunscreen, and cosmetics. It is the most widely used white pigment due to its brightness and high refractive index.

The dose and mode of exposure are critical factors in determining toxicity. The main ways that patients can get exposed at the emergency department are by ingestion, absorption, skin, and eye contact. On the other hand, the tampon string’s TiO2 is insoluble in water. As a result, period blood does not absorb it. Tampons made of TiO2 therefore carry very little danger.

  • Fact-checking Misinformation

Science has not been able to support the TikTok user’s claims since correlation does not imply causation. According to a study, rats exposed to high levels of inhaled TiO2 have demonstrated a possible connection to lung cancer. However, no human trials have yet provided support for these findings. Furthermore, this entails inhaling at considerably larger concentrations than those found in tampons.

  • Ignorance of Health Issues on Social Media

From all the above, we can say that the viral TikTok video highlighted the issue of health misinformation on social media. Therefore, such content must be evaluated critically. Consider the following points for evaluation:

  • Videos with unexpected content frequently get viral. Thus, it is essential to evaluate the claims before believing or sharing.
  • Check if the user is an expert in the field. In addition, look for reputable sources covering such issues.
  • Use reliable databases like to find scientific studies.
  • Furthermore, assess available evidence and understand the risks associated with the products.
  • Make informed decisions based on critical assessment of the information.

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Final Thoughts

After completion, we have concluded that Lola Tampons became a popular choice among women looking for organic period products. In addition, as consumers, we must stay aware and take action to protect our health. We can make the greatest decisions for our bodies by understanding the charges in the Lola tampon lawsuit.

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