The Controversy Surrounding Omega XL Lawsuit and NAD Investigation

Omega XL has garnered attention for its special mix of green-lipped mussel oil extract, olive oil, and vitamin E. In addition, it is distributed by Great Healthworks. It aims to aid joint health and muscle recovery with its blend of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants.

Surprisingly, the product has encountered scrutiny, despite its widespread popularity. This is due to conflicting study outcomes and prior FDA warnings regarding unsubstantiated health assertions. In this article, we will inform you about the Omega XL lawsuit. But wait, there is more, we will also discuss the findings of NAD. So let’s get started.

Omega XL

Omega XL is a blend of green-lipped mussel oil extract, olive oil, and vitamin E. Each serving size of Omega XL contains 300 mg of this blend, designed to support joint health and reduce inflammation. However, the specific amounts of each ingredient are not disclosed. This lack of transparency raises concerns. ConsumerLab found that Omega XL has low levels of DHA and EPA compared to other fish oil supplements.

Omega XL Lawsuit

Studies of Omega XL Found

Researchers conducted a study in which they said that Omega XL showed a slight pain reduction. Another study found no significant pain reduction when compared to a placebo using olive oil. A small study indicated Omega XL might reduce muscle soreness and inflammation post-exercise. Moreover, some evidence suggests benefits for reducing asthma symptoms in adults, but not in children.

Side Effects and Cost of Omega XL

Studies generally did not report side effects in their reports. Nausea and diarrhea are among the typical side effects of marine oil supplements. In fact, no significant changes in vital health markers were reported. Before using, those with allergies or who are pregnant or nursing should consult a physician.

Now, if we talk about the price of the Omega XL, it is costly. A bottle is $48.99 having 60 capsules. Therefore, a daily dosage of $3.28 results in a monthly expenditure of nearly $100.

Omega XL Lawsuit

In March 2018, the lawsuit against Omega XL was voluntarily dismissed without prejudice. However, the reasons for this dismissal remain undisclosed. The case stemmed from a class-action lawsuit filed in 2017 against Great Healthworks, the distributor of Omega XL. Specifically, the lawsuit alleged that the company engaged in deceptive advertising practices related to monthly subscriptions for the supplement.

The plaintiff claimed she was unaware that her purchase would automatically enroll her in a subscription. This consequently resulted in monthly charges to her bank account. Initially filed in state court in March 2017, the lawsuit was subsequently transferred to federal court in April 2017.

FDA Warns Omega XL Seller

The FDA reviewed the Great Healthworks website. After finding statements about Omega XL that constituted drug claims, the FDA issued a warning letter to the company on 31 June 2021.

Specifically, the FDA highlighted several problematic claims. These claims included that Omega XL was ” shown to help relieve joint pain due to inflammation.”

In addition, the product was described as “widely recognized as a leader in natural relief from pain due to inflammation.”The product was also marketed as a “highly concentrated Omega-3 ‘Super Oil’supplement.” However, previous ConsumerLab tests showed that it had ” less amount of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA).”

More importantly, the FDA pointed out that Omega XL was misbranded as a food product. The label included illegal health claims, such as “Reduce cardiovascular disease risk factors together with Lactobacillus Rhamnosus and Lactobacillus Acidophilus.”

Consequently, the FDA advised Great Healthworks to write to the agency within 15 working days of receiving the warning letter. In this letter, they should detail the specific steps taken to address the violations.

NAD Findings

According to NAD, Omega XL is an omega-3 supplement made from mussels. It is believed that the product had extensive research behind it. This was the reason NAD supported the claim that it was backed by “over thirty years of clinical research.” However, NAD advised removing the “breakthrough secret” claim since something studied for so long couldn’t be considered new.

NAD reviewed other claims in addition to the ones related to Omega XL. They allowed the promise that Omega XL could help with joint pain and inflammation. However, they suggested removing the “easy” relief claim because studies showed that significant relief took several weeks.

Moreover, NAD advised against using the term “prescribed” for supplements to avoid confusion with prescription medicines. In this instance, NAD allowed the use of terms like “dose” and “potency.”

Lastly, NAD found the claim that Omega XL contains “no levels of harmful toxins or PCBs” unsupported. It has also clarified that “none detected” and “no levels” have different meanings. “None detected” signifies that the substances were not found in the sample. On the other hand, “No levels,” implies absolutely none, even if the product had little levels of these substances.

Omega XL Lawsuit

Reviews of Customers About Omega XL

After learning all about the Omega XL lawsuit, let’s move on to customer reviews. These reviews were given by enthusiastic customers on Amazon after experiencing the benefits of Omega XL.

  • Loren T. Lee gave Omega XL 5.0 out of 5 stars. On 15 May 2024, he reviewed it from the USA saying:

“Works great. Felt a difference the first week. Nobody aches to get up in the morning and more energy. Easier getting up off the floor with no bones aching now after exercising. It goes fast taking 2 twice a day. I need a bigger bottle. A little expensive but it works, so it’s worth it.”

  • Another customer, Patricia reviewed it on May 11, 2024, from the USA. She stated:

“Not sure this helps. At least they don’t make things worse. The vendor is reliable and the pills arrive timely and are a decent price. Easy to swallow, no detectable flavor or aftertaste.”

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Finally, Omega XL has a fun concept and has received great feedback from certain customers. Nevertheless, it  faces scrutiny in terms of transparency and marketing practices. Research on Omega XL involves encouraging exploration discoveries, legitimate challenges, and FDA alerts. Yet, the true indication of its efficacy is in the experiences of its clients. Now we should hear from folks who have tried Omega XL personally.

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