Purple Mattress Lawsuit Outcome (2024 Update)

Purple mattresses were facing a lawsuit in 2016 for using harmful anti-tack powder in their mattresses. The controversy began due to the potentially irreversible damage caused by anti-tack. Furthermore, it was reported that this company was using a highly harmful material.

The lawsuit aims to investigate the reasons behind the controversy and its impact on the industry. So, were the claims true? Get the answer to your questions in this article. Furthermore, we will update you about the so-called “Purple Mattress lawsuit”.

Purple Mattress Controversy

Purple used a polyethylene-based powder in the packaging and shipping components of their mattresses. The purpose was to maintain the mattress’s integrity during compression inside the shipping box. It was assumed that this powder sparked the Purple mattress controversy. However, Purple disputed studies that suggested it might be hazardous.

Despite Purple’s claims, Honest Mattress Reviews reported health risks. As a result, Purple responded with a lawsuit against Ryan Monahan (the site’s owner) in February 2017. Surprisingly, the lawsuit details showed how fiercely mattress businesses were competing with one another.

The controversy dates back to 2016 when Monahan launched Honest Mattress Reviews. However, Negative and false reviews about Purple mattresses emerged. They further accused them of using dangerous white powder. Regarding this, Purple revealed Monahan’s connections to GhostBed mattresses. Consequently, Purple decided to sue Monahan instead.

Purple Mattress Lawsuit

Purple Mattress Faced a Restraining Order

The Honest Mattress Reviews website alleged in 2016 that white powder found in Purple mattresses might be harmful to health. In response, Purple said that the owner of this website has connections to the competing firm Ghostbed. Purple accused Honest Mattress Reviews of attempting to damage its reputation deliberately.

Unlike other cases, Purple initiated legal action, suing instead of being the defendant. Now this happens actually when both parties go against each other. In February 2017, Purple secured a restraining order from the court against GhostBed CEO Mark Werner and Honest Mattress Review owner Ryan Monahan.

Until the investigation was finished, the judge ordered any offensive reviews to be removed. Purple later carried out a confidential investigation to prove the powder’s safety and testified in court on the results.

In this instance, Purple filed the complaint rather than being the defendant, in contrast to the Mattress by Appointment litigation.

Case Details

Now let’s get into the case detail to find out who was right. In February 2017, both Ryan Monahan and the CEO of Ghostbed were served with a restraining order. This order compelled them to remove the contentious review from their website until the case resolved. Purple asserted the safety of the powder. Subsequently, presented study results supporting their claim. Likewise, Purple conducted a private inquiry to demonstrate that Monahan’s review was deceptive.

Purple pressed ahead with their investigation despite opposition from Monahan and GhostBed’s CEO. This lawsuit pertains specifically to the powder used in Purple mattresses, distinct from fiberglass-related cases. Later on, Purple conducted its inquiry, which exposed a calculated effort to damage Purple’s reputation by Monahan and the CEO of GhostBed.

Finally, the court discovered financial support from GhostBed to Monahan for running the defamation campaign. In a proactive move, Purple filed a petition against both defendants, aiming to prove their innocence and the powder’s safety. Hence, with substantial evidence, Purple emerged victorious in the case.

More importantly, the Head of Communications at Purple posted a lengthy comment on Reddit about the Powder and Purple Mattress Lawsuit. In short, she says:

“This powder is safe and there are lots of studies that support this,” and “We believe Ryan Monahan, owner of Honest Mattress Reviews, is not ‘independent’ as he claims, but is working with a competitor to disparage our brand.” Update 5/9/2017

What else? TechDirt has more about Purple Mattress Lawsuit. It was stated that:

“Unlike other defamation suits, we’ve covered here — especially those attempting to dodge anti-SLAPP motions by presenting themselves as trademark suits — Purple’s complaint is long and detailed. The company believes several posts at Honest Mattress Reviews have falsely disparaged its products. All of the posts center on the white “powder” Purple uses to coat its mattresses during packaging to prevent it from sticking to itself.”

Furthermore reported that “Purple’s Lanham Act claims are based on Monahan’s alleged conflicted interests, despite Monahan’s disconnection from GhostBed. It points to Honest Mattress Reviews’ statements suggesting the powder might be dangerous or unhealthy. Purple hasn’t provided specifics about the powder’s composition, citing its pending patent.”

Purple Mattress Lawsuit

Outcome of Purple Mattress Lawsuit

Obviously, you’re considering how this litigation might turn out. Here, let’s get to know. Purple’s proactive approach led to significant legal victories. Their private investigation findings were submitted to Judge Bee Denson, who granted them a preliminary injunction. In addition, The judge condemned Ryan Monahan and Ghostbed’s CEO for dishonesty. Having said that, he affirmed that their claims about Purple mattresses were false.

Luckily, Purple was awarded judicial attorney fees and reimbursed for their legal expenses. Purple’s study, conducted through private investigation, confirmed the safety of the anti-tack white powder disputed by Monahan. Subsequently, Purple obtained a restraining order against Honest Mattress Reviews. It compelled them to remove false accusations during ongoing investigations. Further investigations revealed collusion between Monahan and CEO Mark Werner to defame Purple. Ultimately, this resulted in the court’s declaration of Purple’s innocence.

Purple Mattress Complaints

Those who have purchased Purple mattresses have filed complaints about it with the Better Business Bureau. These complaints include the following matters.

  1. Customer Services
  2. Comfort Issues
  3. Return Policy
  4. Sagging Issues
  5. Warranty Claims
  6. Shipping and Delivery
  7. Order Tracking
  8. Mattress Staining Problems

You can further visit Reddit to explore the drama behind the Purple Mattress Lawsuit and its usage.

Final Thoughts

So, what do we have in the end? The case revealed that both Honest Mattress Reviews and the CEO of GhostBed falsely accused Purple Mattresses of using toxic white powder. Purple dismissed the controversy as a smear effort after successfully demonstrating the mattress’ safety in court.

Purple reinforced its integrity and innocence by pursuing legal action proactively. Consequently, this sent a positive message to its customers. Indeed, Purple mattresses were safe and non-toxic. Before making a purchase, prospective customers should familiarise themselves with Purple’s warranty terms. Ultimately, the debate remains as to whether this was intentional slander or just a misunderstanding.

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